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Monster Be-Gone

Yes that's right I've found a way around the horrable .GIF Monster!

Step #1: After selecting a base to use, open up a new mspaint page. Then paste into the blank page, the base and all props that you may want to use. You may want to create a color palette to use on the doll. In this tut I'll be using my new base Viki as an example.

Step #2: Once you have finished step one, save your new file as a .PNG, This will save without messing up any coloration you have done! .PNG can be found in the scroll bar under the file name. Also, if you choose to work on your doll not all at once, remember to open up a new page and paste the file you saved the doll in into the new page...and repeat the first part of this step when you are done.

Step #3: When finished, color any white showing around your doll with a bright color such as yellow or purple. Make sure you again save your file as .PNG. Use Iaza to change your .PNG file into .gif! Be sure to follow the site's directions!also on this site you can change your doll file to a trasparent .gif file!

Tada! itís that simple! Now arenít you glad that Iíve shared this tip?