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How to Make a Feather.

First- as always in making anything, you need to decide what colors you would like your feather to be, it helps to make a palette, draw the stem of the feather in the darkest color, any slightly curvy shape will do.

Next- make an outline of the shape you want your feather to be in with the next color on your palette, this may take some time so don’t get frustrated! And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect it’s a feather after all. To help make the feather look fluffy, try leaving a white spot here or there at the edges…not too many though or it will look weird.

Enlarged Picture:

Then- you basically scribble…that’s right, I said scribble! Use your palette to highlight the outline where ever you feel a line should go…try to do this in sort of a downwards motion. (Like a feather would look) Using darker to lighter colors as you go.
1. 2. 3.

Enlarged Pictures:


And that’s pretty much it, you’ve made yourself a feather! Now all you need is a hat to stick it in!