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Pixel Shrug

Okay so first of all, I had a friend request that I make her a tutorial on how I did a shrug for one of my dolls so I made this...Base is by and the following pallete is mine and can be re-used by anyone. So, this tutorial can be all done in Mspaint. (that's where I did it) It is a rather easy thing and does not take allot of time. It gives allot of freedom and there is no right and wrong way to do this. So, don't feel bad if yours doesn't look exactly like mine when you are done. Now that we have that taken care is the tutorial! Yay!

1-You only need one tool for this, and that is the huh?

So basically you just scrible all over in the area that the shrug is to be. Use the base color which is the first color in the pallete provided. Making sure that you make you 'scribles' closer together near the neckline and arm cuffs. As shown in the next pics:

2- Next you take the second color and just place it anywhere you feel like...really thats all...

3- With the last color, it is acting as any highlights or sparkles that the shrug might have, so...use it sparingly or it will over power the shrug...Remember that if it is a wooven shrug, it isn't going to have allot of shading..

And Finally you are done...told you it didn't take much...